How to Block Spam on Telegram in 2022

Telegram is a popular chat app that mainly focuses on security and privacy of their users. It is a feature packed app that recently attracted a lot of users and  forced other apps like WhatsApp to adapt some of features like Stickers and Linked Devices.

As we all know every coin has two sides, similarly Telegram also have a lot of spammers on the platform. Spammers send spam in groups, personal chats and add you in random group chats. We all get annoyed because of these spammers at some point of time.

We don’t have a one stop solution to block spammers on Telegram. However, there are few methods that can help you to completely block spam on Telegram.

Methods to Block Spam on Telegram

Here are few methods to block spam on Telegram:

Method 1: Report Spam to Telegram team

First of all, if you find anyone spamming in a group or personal chat, you just need to report the message and team of moderators will take action on your report.

Block spam on Telegram

Follow these steps to report spam to Telegram team:

  1. Open spammers chat or find spam message in a group
  2. Tap/Right click on the message and choose Report
  3. Choose “Spam” from the list of report options
  4. Telegram will forward that particular message to their moderation team
  5. Moderation team of Telegram will check your report and take action

Note: Telegram moderation team may take some time to check your report and take appropriate actions, so have some patience.

Method 2: Block spam on Telegram groups with Management bots

If you’re an owner of a Telegram group who’s fed up with these spammers. You can protect your Telegram group and members from spammers using these management bots. I would suggest you to use Rose Bot to block spam on Telegram groups.

Block spam on Telegram

Follow these steps to block spam on Telegram groups with Rose bot:

  1. Add @MissRose_bot to your Telegram group
  2. Promote @MissRose_bot to admin role
  3. Go to @MissRose_bot DM chat
  4. Setup Blacklist and Anti-flood module
  5. Rose bot will now automatically block spammers from your group

Note: Blacklist module automatically ban people who send a particular word or sentence that you’ve added to your list of blacklisted words or sentence. Anti-flood module blocks or mute spammers for sending a lot of messages in short time.

Method 3: Block Spammer on Telegram

If someone is continuously spamming you with unnecessary messages, you can get rid of the spammer by blocking on Telegram.

Block spam on Telegram

To block a spammer, follow these steps:

  1. Open Telegram chat of spammer
  2. Tap on the profile icon of the spammer
  3. Click on three dot menu and Block Spammer from Telegram
  4. Block spammer on Telegram
  5. Now, you won’t receive spam messages from that person

Note: You won’t be able to. If you want to unblock someone, just navigate to Settings > Privacy and Security > Blocked Users. Now remove the user from Blocked users list.

Method 4: Anti Channel spam Bot

In recent days, a lot of users are reporting that they are receiving spam from users who are showing as channel and spamming anonymously. These users are detected as Channel Bot and doesn’t allow bots to automatically block them.

Block spam on Telegram

To protect your Telegram group against these Channel Bot spammers, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Telegram group
  2. Add @DisableChannelRobot to your group
  3. Promote @DisableChannelRobot to admin
  4. Now, this bot will immediately ban the channel if somone posts as Channel in your group
  5. It also deletes the posts created by a Channel in group

Note: It is a very important bot for large groups with multiple management bots. Recently, these channel posts were considered as messages from group admins. So, this @DisableChannelRobot will prevent your group from disaster.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to protect sticker spam in Telegram?

Telegram sticker spam is a common problem in Telegram groups. You can setup Anti-Flood in Telegram groups using any Management bot like Rose Bot or Kurisu Makise Bot. It will help you to block spam on Telegram.

How to unblock someone on Telegram?

You can unblock someone you’ve previously blocked on Telegram by navigating to Settings > Privacy and Security > Blocked users and remove them from list of blocked users.

How to block a sticker in Telegram?

Telegram group management bots allow you to block a particular sticker in Telegram. You just need to reply a sticker with /addblocklist command to block spam on Telegram.

If you have any questions or feedback then please let me know in the comments section. Also, share this tutorial on your social media. You can also share news tips at [email protected] or [email protected].

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