Google will show country-specific app ratings in Play Store

Google Play Ratings are one of the major factors for trusting an app. It is one of the most important metrics that help users to decide whether download the app or not. It helps users to share their experiences and feedback about the app.

Now, Google decided to make reviews and ratings on the Google Play Store more personalized with the introduction of country and device-specific ratings and reviews.

Google will show country-specific app ratings in Play Store

Google will show country-specific app ratings in Play Store

Google Play today announced the localization of Android app ratings by country and device types. This will enable the star count to be “more personalized and indicative of the experience each individual user can expect and to make them easier to navigate and use for developers” as quoted from the blog post.

According to the blog, Google Play Store users from November 2021 will be able to view ratings specific to their country. You will not see any ratings generated by users outside the United States if your country is the United States. It was also mentioned that users may also see specific ratings based on other form-factors such as Tablets, Wearables, and Chromebooks from next year.

Google has now added new features for the Play Console. This includes Device Type dimensions for the rating page as well as the ability to filter by device type reviews. It is also easier to see more detailed ratings over long periods. Additionally, the company now provides CSV downloads that include average data and rating distributions.

Google will also reach to Play Store Developers regarding major rating changes as a consequence of this update.

We understand that many developers closely monitor the ratings that their potential users see, so we’re making sure you have plenty of notice about these upcoming changes. We’ve also made enhancements to Play Console to help you understand your ratings and reviews – especially across form factors.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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