Google Slides vs. Microsoft Powerpoint: The Ultimate Comparison

Google Slides is a powerful online presentation slides creator that you can use through Web Mobile. It was introduced by Google in….

On the other side, we have Microsoft PowerPoint which is insanely popular among people working in the corporate world. It is widely used to create client presentations by the employees of a company.

I thought both Google slides and Microsoft PowerPoint has a common purpose and share similar features. So,  why not we replace Microsoft PowerPoint with Google Slides or vice versa.

So, here we are in the arena where we have Google Slides on one side and Microsoft PowerPoint on another side. Let’s do a comparison of Google Slides vs. Microsoft PowerPoint.

We will be focusing on key points and then compare both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint on those points and decide which is good.

Google Slides vs. Microsoft Powerpoint


Google Slides consist of the basic features that can make it beginner-friendly so that, anyone can create a basic presentation or slide for their work without going into details.

However, on the other side, Microsoft PowerPoint is a no doubt a very powerful and feature rich software. It comes with a ton of very advanced features. Like Animations, Element Transitions, Audio notes, etc.

Beginner Friendly

Google Slides come with a very simple and easy to use interface with no extra clutter which makes it a beginner friendly software to use without any proper training.

However, PowerPoint comes with a lot of advanced features which makes it different for a newbie to understand. So, Microsoft PowerPoint is not that much beginner friendly.


Animations are one of the most important part of a presentation that gives life to a presentation and makes it more appealing.

In animation part PowerPoint leave Google Slides far behind because PowerPoint come with a wide variety of animations and transitions. You can also create your custom transitions and animations using PowerPoint tools.

However, Google Slides come with very minimal and simple animations which is very less as compared to PowerPoint. So, in this case, Microsoft PowerPoint is the clear winner.


Microsoft PowerPoint is mainly used offline and doesn’t allow multiple people to collaborate on a particular Presentation. However, you can use Onedrive to share it with other people but there’s no way to sync the real-time changes that occur in the Presentation file.

While, Google Slides makes it very easy to collaborate on a particular presentation. You can just add the Gmail email address and give privileges to other person and that makes it easy to view and collaborate.


After creating a Presentation you may need to share it with your client or team lead so, Sharing is an important feature.

Google Slides make sharing very easy due to it’s integration with Google Drive. You can share a Presentation from Google Slides in two ways. You can easily share by adding their email or just create a public link so, opening that link will give access to other people.

However, Microsoft PowerPoint also come with some sort of sharing methods but they are not that feasible.  Like you can create a PowerPoint presentation and then upload it to Onedrive or email it to your client or team lead. But there’s no direct way to share your presentation file.


Google Slides is integrated with Google Drive so, all your changes in the file are synced in realtime and saved in Google Drive. So, you won’t lose your presentation file as it’s saved on Google Drive.

On the other hand, Microsoft PowerPoint works offline so, the a higher chance of losing your file. However, if you set up an OneDrive backup your PC will sync your local files to your OneDrive account but that will be expensive because OneDrive provides less storage for free as compared to Google Drive.

Work On the Go

Most people use the Internet from their mobile devices rather than using a desktop. So, doing things On the Go is very common these days.

With Google Drive, you can edit, create Presentation slides using their mobile app available for both Android and iOS. It makes the work easy and you can do it whenever and wherever you want.

Microsoft also provides their PowerPoint application for Android and iOS so, you can manage presentations on the go. It is very comfortable and helpful. It also syncs your file edits to the OneDrive cloud.

For Students and Teachers

Google Slides is a good option for Students of Junior classes but if you’re in senior classes,  I would suggest using Microsoft PowerPoint so, you can learn about its features and prepare yourself for corporate work-life. Because, in corporates, PowerPoint is the software you’re going to use.

For teachers, I would suggest using PowerPoint in case your want to explain some concepts in detail that need good animations to present. However, If you’re not that tech savvy person go for Google Slides.


I’ve pointed out all the important factors and key points in this Google Slides vs. Microsoft PowerPoint comparison. I leave it up to you guys which one you choose. I personally use both of them according to my work.

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