Google shut down Measure, an AR based measuring app

Google shut down Measure app. It was an AR-based Google is known for its fast pace innovation and rush toward new tech. Google started working on the Tango Project back in 2014. Google initially planned to collaborate with Device manufacturers and ask them to add few additional components to devices. A few device manufacturers including LG worked on this and launched one or two devices.

Honestly, the Tango project was a blatant failure to Google. Not a lot of device manufacturers agreed to Google’s plan. Finally, in 2018, Google shut down its Tango project and started focusing on ARCore. ARCore was kind of a successor to the Tango project.

Google shut down Measure, an AR based measuring app

ARCore is an SDK that was launched back in 2018 to help developers in building augmented reality apps for users. Google developed the Measure app using the same ARCore technology/SDK. Measure app was working on for ARCore enabled devices, as it was based on ARCore. Google shut down Measure app due to a lack of users.

Google thought ARCore is the future, but everything changed quickly and they realized their mistake. Google innovated the augmented reality tech and developed web-based tech that helps to analyze the objects around us without any additional module.

A few days ago, Play Store removed the Measure app from Listings for those who never installed it. Today, they completely vanished the Measure app from Google Play Store for everyone. Google shut down Measure app following the backlash they faced with ARCore.

Play Store listing before Google Shut Down Measure App
Play Store listing after Google Shut Down Measure App

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