Google Search UI fix will be available in Final release

Android 12 is still under beta testing and users are continuously testing it and providing feedback on bugs and issues. Android 12 Beta 3 was released on July 14, 2021. After the release of the new Beta 3 of Android 12, many users started reporting an issue with Google Search UI. Google Search was showing up in App Drawer in a weird rectangle shape.

A new Bug tracker was created with the title “Google search bar on app drawer showing as solid rectangle”. It quickly gained over 660 stars and 138 comments. It was an issue, users were very concerned about.

Today, I found that the issue has been marked as fixed and the fix will be available in the final S build. If you have a look at the sidebar of Issue Tracker, you’ll find that Status has been changed to Fixed. Comment number 137 clearly says that “Marked as Fixed” and “This will be fixed in final S build”.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Google search box looks like a rectangle box instead of its usual rounded shape. Google assured that the fix will be available in the Android 12 final build.

Google Search Box as Rectangle
Google Search Box as Rectangle

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