Google Clock Alarm issues, fix on the way

Google offers a lot of apps for their own mobile operating system Android. Google Clock is one such app developed by Google for the Android operating system. It comes with a lot of features other than just setting up a simple alarm. Google Clock lets you integrate different music apps like Spotify to let users wake up to their favourite songs.

Recently, a lot of users started complaining about alarm issues in Google Clock app. Last week, many users started complaining about alarm activation on subreddits like r/android_beta and r/GooglePixel. It’s a simple bug in the app that’s causing a lot of problems for users. They are not able to wake up to the alarm they set before going to sleep.

Most of the complaints were coming from Google’s own Pixel device users. Google’s Clock app comes pre-installed on Google Pixel phones. It led users to flood the Google Clock app’s play store page with 1-star ratings complaining the same issues in the review section. Here’s the top review of Google Clock on Google Play Store:

Google Clock Alarm issue

A few users reported alarms that were completely unnoticed, and others saw their phones vibrating for only a second before they turned off.

In some instances, Do not disturb is associated with missed alarms. Others say that their phones are not switched off overnight to alleviate this problem. Some people also recommended that Spotify integration should be linked with missed alarms. They also told Spotify’s aid website about the glitch and suggested various sounds to wake up. Both examples have shown that the solutions proposed did not work for everybody. This shows that the Google Clock app bug was even worse than they thought.

An issue tracker was also created for this issue and Google says, “We’ve shared this with our product and engineering teams and will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

Many users were connecting the issue with Spotify integration so they also reported it on the Community forum of Spotify. A community user dinomight says “…wanted to update you that this issue has now been reported to the Spotify team…be sure to keep your app updated so you won’t miss any fixes to this.

Google and Spotify both are working on fixing this issue. The official Google account responded to a Reddit post on r/GooglePixel. They stated, “We’re sorry you’ve been experiencing this issue, and thank you for reporting it. We’ve identified a fix and will roll it out soon. In the meantime, you can change the alarm sound setting to a selection within Device sound.” It may be fixed in an upcoming update. But, until then you can install any third-party alarm app for your Android smartphone.

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