Google Chrome Privacy Review feature will improve your privacy

Google keeps updating the Chrome browser with new changes and features. Some of the features are loved by users while others ruin their experience. In this ongoing cycle of updates, the Google Chrome Privacy Review feature is shipped through Chrome Canary. Chrome Canary is a dev preview that ships the latest changes with everyday updates. Recently, Google introduced Chrome Send Tabs V2 in their beta update.

Google Chrome Privacy Review feature

Dinsan Francis from Chrome Story spotted a new flag in the Chrome Canary update. He spotted a new Chrome Privacy review flag on the chrome://flags page. If you search for the flag in the general search bar, you won’t see anything. But, according to a chromium commit, it is clear that Chrome will release a flag with the name Privacy Review. Chrome Privacy Review will be disabled by default in the upcoming updates.

Francis also shared a screenshot showing, how the whole Privacy Review thing will look like in Chrome settings. Let’s have a look at the screenshot. Here’s how the Chrome Privacy Review feature will look like:

Google Chrome Privacy Review
Google Chrome Privacy Review First Look – ChromeStory

As the screenshot depicts, the Chrome Privacy Review feature will be named Privacy and Security Review with a shield and tick icon. According to Francis, on clicking the option nothing happens, as of now. It is an under-development feature, so they are not showing the hidden features. If something is discovered, we will report you instantly.

Chrome Privacy Review is quite similar to the Safety Check feature in Chrome Settings. Safety Check is available for a long time and can be accessed at Settings > Safety Check. Chrome Privacy Review feature will not be available to most of the users until the stable release of Chrome.

The Safety Check feature is quite helpful for non-techies to stay safe and secure. It helps you by detecting your breached accounts using the Have I Been Pwned database and API. It keeps track of the breached accounts and passwords. Safety Check feature alerts you to avoid using a breached password and reset the password for breached accounts.

Once you click the blue button “Check Now” under Settings > Safety Check. It starts scanning all your extensions, passwords, and more, then it shows you if any vulnerability or security breach is found. After scanning everything thoroughly, the Safety check feature will alert you and instruct you step-by-step with the process to fix all those vulnerabilities or breaches.

Everyone is moving towards a privacy-friendly web, including giants like Apple. I am sure that the Privacy Review feature is such a step towards a privacy-friendly web thing. Other Chromium-based browsers like Brave, Bromite, and even Microsoft Edge are working on these privacy features for a long time. They’ve also rejected Google’s new tracking methodology FLoC.

Chrome Privacy Review feature will be unveiled soon in the stable release of the Chrome browser. So, Chrome users don’t need to wait for a long time. It will be released very soon.

Privacy Review: Add a new PrivacyReview feature flag
“Shows a new subpage in Settings, helping the user to review various privacy settings.”

Chromium Repository

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