GBoard now highlights the most relevant suggestion

Google Gboard is a virtual keyboard software for Android and iOS smartphones. It was initially published for iOS in May 2016, and then on Android in December 2016, as a substantial upgrade to the already-established Google Keyboard app on Android.

Now, GBoard is getting a lot of improvement and new features in recent times. Recently, they allowed you to turn off copy/paste highlights for addresses, phone numbers, etc in the 10.9 version of Gboard.

Along with the improvement in Material You, Google is also focusing on other apps. They’ve updated the Google Contacts and Personal Safety app with a new Material UI. Now, Google introduced a new feature in GBoard that will highlight the most relevant suggestion while you’re typing.

As soon as, you start typing using the GBoard, it suggests the relevant words. Now, the most relevant word will be highlighted so, it will become easy to pick up the right word suggestion. It’s a small change nothing groundbreaking, but can be very helpful to users when the GBoard will help them with the correct suggestion highlighted.

The suggestion highlight feature was already available in Beta for some time now, but it is now rolling out to the stable channel update for Android devices. The iOS users need to wait for some time, before the new feature comes into their device. Here are few screenshots showcasing, how this new feature looks:

Image Source: 9to5Google

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