[UPDATE] GBoard coming up with Grammar check feature

Update: Google made Grammar Check feature available to other Google Pixel devices. Previously, Grammar check feature was only available for Google Pixel 6. So, with these new updates, anyone with a Google Pixel device can chat without worrying about silly grammar mistakes.

GBoard or Google Keyboard is full of awesome features like Word suggestions, Clipboard, and Spell check.

Google recently released GBoard 10.2, which came up with a lot of new features. They introduced a cool feature called Bitmoji sticker suggestions, suggesting stickers while you’re chatting or messaging.

DroidMaze Team of Tech Enthusiasts decompiled the latest version of GBoard and found that they will integrate the Grammar check feature in the future.

In the screenshot below, you can see an option called Grammar Check under the Spelling and Grammar section.

Decompiled GBoard App Screenshot

We are not sure when this will be released as a working feature. But, if released, it will be a beneficial feature.

GBoard Grammar Check vs. Grammarly

Grammarly is a top-rated Grammar checking tool that comes with paid plans. However, Google will include it as a feature in GBoard, which is a free product.

As per our expectations, we are sure that it will be close to Grammarly or even better if Google uses their machine learning.

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