How to Fix Google Camera Black Screen?

Google Camera is one of the main reasons people consider buying a Google Pixel device. It is one of the best pieces of mobile software developed by Google. Google’s AI and post-processing improve the overall picture quality even with a low-end camera sensor. But sometimes people have issues with it like the Google Camera black screen issue which is quite common in MODs.

Many people use modified versions of Google Camera on their non-Pixel phones called GCAM Mods. These modified versions are developed by genius and diligent developers like Arnova8G2, Nikita, and BSG. These developers port the official Google Camera app to work on non-Pixel devices. Many people complain about the Google Camera black screen problem with the GCAM Mods.

In this article, I will discuss the Google Camera black screen problem and try to fix this problem. You need to follow the tutorial and try the solutions explained in the article. So, before we begin with the tutorial on the issue, let’s understand the problem first.

What is Black Screen in Google Camera Problem?

Google Camera Ports or GCAM MODs sometimes show a dark black screen when you open the app on your smartphone. The camera preview shows nothing but a black screen and doesn’t capture any photos using the Google Camera port. After the black screen issue with your Google Camera app, you won’t be able to use it.

What causes Google Camera Black Screen Problem?

Google Camera modified versions, or GCAM MODs, are not well optimized for every device. Most of the time, Google Camera crashes on your phone if you’re using the RAW format and the device doesn’t support it. Google Camera’s black screen problem can also be caused by the misconfigured configuration of the GCAM app. You can fix the black screen issue by following the guide.

Guide to Fix Google Camera Black Screen

Google Camera Black Screen

Here are some methods to fix the Google Camera black screen (GCAM black screen) Problem:

Install Google Camera compatible with your Phone

One of the primary reasons for the black screen problem is misconfigured Google Camera app installed on your phone. It means the Google Camera app is not compatible with your Android device. You can fix the Google Camera black screen issue by finding and installing the right Google Camera app for your Android phone. You can download the latest modified version of Google Camera from the GCAM APKs section on

After downloading the compatible version of Google Camera, you will be able to fix the Google Camera black screen issue. If you do not find the compatible GCAM MOD APK from our GCAM APKs section, you can go to XDA Forums and ask the community.

Install Front Camera Fix module to Fix Google Camera Black Screen

Google Camera’s black screen can be fixed if you install the Front Camera fix module. It is a module provided by third-party developers on Gcam Hub. To download the Front Camera fix module, you need to visit this page and click download. After you download the module, you need to install it using Magisk.

Enable Disable Front Camera HDR or Fix Black Screen option

Suppose you’re using the Google Camera app modified by Arnova8G2. You will get an option in the settings to disable “Front Camera HDR” or the “Fix Black Screen” option to fix the Google Camera black screen issue. After you enable these options, Google Camera’s black screen issue will be fixed. Along with Arnova8G2, many other developers also started to include these options in their latest releases.


Google Camera modified apps or GCAM MODs black screen issue is prevalent with the incompatible versions for your device. So, I will suggest first trying to find the compatible version of Google Camera. It will probably fix the Google Camera black screen issue.

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