Firefox 88 changes “View Image” to “Open image in New Tab”

Firefox recently released their new version of Firefox version 88 for all of the devices, and this new update brought many changes.

Firefox quietly changed a few things in this new Firefox 88 release which are not mentioned in release notes. But we at DroidMaze noticed them and here we are listing them in front of you.

View Image becomes Open image in New Tab

In previous versions of Firefox for Android, when we long-press on an image, we get an option to View Image. But in the latest Firefox 88 for Android replaced this option with “Open image in New Tab”.

Many firefox users started noticing it and posting it on forums and communities like Reddit and 4chan. Here are few screenshots of user feedback:

If you’re among the people who are not happy with this change, then you can get back the old option in the context menu. You just need to install this firefox addon and it will revert back this particular change.

View Page Info

View Page Info option is also removed from Firefox 88, and everyone is complaining about it on Twitter and Reddit. However, there’s a hotkey or you can say shortcut available to open View Page Info. You can use CTRL + I to get the same functionality.

Undo Close Tab

Firefox 88 also removed “Undo Close Tab” from the context menu and replaced it with a new option called “Reopen Closed Tab”. It does the same thing, only the name is changed by the Firefox developers.

Email Image is a new option introduced in Firefox 88, which finds the default Mail app of your device and then composes a new email with the image attached to it.

The Copy Link option was previously called “Copy Link Location” but it is also renamed to “Copy Link” in the context menu.

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Abhishek Verma

Abhishek Verma

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