Figma adding Profile Connection to merge multiple Figma profiles in one

Figma is one of the most popular Prototype designing tools used by UI/UX designers to create prototypes of their projects. It is compelling and easy to use for creating UI/UX Designs, Prototypes, and Graphic Designing. With Figma, you can work on the go due to its availability on every platform, whether it’s Desktop, Mobile, or Mac.

Figma is well integrated with other applications through the API tokens. A few months ago, when GPT-3 hype was at another level, some cool programmers integrated GPT-3 in Figma and started creating Prototypes by just typing the idea in general language. A guy named Jordan Singer built ‘Designer,’ a GPT-3 Figma Plugin, which works like a charm.

Jane Wong, who is known for reverse engineering apps and software, found that Figma will be introducing a feature to merge multiple profiles and manage with one common profile.

Figma will be adding a feature to connect multiple Figma account to a single account and manage those accounts from a single profile.

You’ll be able to Publish the content on different profiles with the main profile. You can manage from followers, saved objects, and likes from one single account. You can receive notifications from multiple accounts in the main profile, and you don’t need to switch accounts to check notifications and doing most of the work.

Here’s the tweet:

How this will be beneficial to us?

It is beneficial to those users who find it difficult to switch between professional and personal accounts.

Please express your thoughts in comments below.

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