Fake Crypto Apps on Play Store used for Phishing

Cryptocurrency booming these days as the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins growing at an exponential rate. People like Elon Musk are heavily supporting this new generation’s digital currency.

In this modern era of bitcoin and blockchain, there are a lot of apps that allow us to buy, sell, and trade bitcoin. If you search “bitcoin” or “crypto” on Play Store, you’ll find a lot of apps related to crypto and bitcoin. But not all of them are genuine, we recently discovered a lot of fake crypto apps on the Play Store used for phishing which are just clones of popular crypto apps.

Most of these apps are developed using Flutter, a UI toolkit for developing apps offered by Google to developers. Here are some apps that are cloned and used for phishing and surprisingly they are available on the Play Store.

  1. Atomic Wallet Bitcoin – com.walletatomic.atomicwallet
  2. Atomic Free Wallet – com.twopaclonely.goingforward
  3. Bancor Network – com.decentralprotocol.finnetwork
  4. Balancer Finance – com.balfinance.mobileprotocol

All the above apps are clones of some popular names in cryptocurrency used for phishing purposes, and I am very surprised to see them on Google Play Store as people think if an app is available on Play Store, it’s trusted.

We reported these apps, lets hope that these apps get removed ASAP. Thanks for reading and stay safe from such apps.

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Anaya Dasgupta

Anaya Dasgupta

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