Facebook Removing Professional Skills Section from Profile

Facebook added professional skills section in the last quarter of 2013 and it was a good feature for professionals to flaunt their skills and get some freelance projects or social validation. It was feature through which you can display your professional skills on your profile.

Today, Facebook displays a notice on opening my profile, where they say “Professional Skills Are Going Away Soon” and gives us two choices to either Dismiss or Learn More.

Which means, Facebook removing Professional skills section silently from our Profiles.

On clicking, Learn More we get to see a full write up like in the below screenshot:

Facebook Removing Professional Skills

On the Edit Profile page, we are still able to edit our Professional Skills section while there’s notice above the section that says “Professional skills that you’ve added to your profile will be removed from Facebook on 5 November. You can edit and review your skills at any time before they’re nolonger available.

Facebook Removing Professional Skills
  • Facebook removing Professional Skills feature on 5 November, 2020.

What’s the reason behind Facebook removing Professional Skills Feature??

I tried to figure out the reason behind Facebook removing professional skills feature there’s no proper news related to it. On twitter, I found only one person who tweeted about this


What a Professional Do?

Well, this feature was just to show off your professional skills on the Facebook profile. However, if you want to get some work according to your profession or you’re a freelancer then there are a lot of websites like Fiverr, Toptal, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour etc.

If you get any reason behind removing this feature or any official statements let me know in comments below.

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Abhishek Verma

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  1. I think it’s because some politically correct focus group decided that it was offensive and mean to people that don’t have any professional skills. It’s just stupid. It’s the old, everybody gets a ribbon mentality.

  2. My professional page is Public whereas my personal page is viewable only by Friends. If I have to use it for my profession as an author, then I have to make my Facebook page Public, opening me up to spam and scams. I do have a website but all correspondence & reviews, etc, are linked to my professional Facebook page. Very frustrating.

    • THIS MAKES SENSE.. i think they’re forcing if you are an author.. you should have an author page.. so for every skill there should be a different page.. and this leaves personal pages as personal .. because maybe some people where making money on private facebook profiles and of course.. FB DOESNT want that !

  3. I think it’s being removed because this feature was silently (not approved by users or informed about it) added in 2013. It links to searches which in some ways is a privacy issue.

  4. Hi,

    I am an upholsterer and i have my own profile and the public page for my workshop and i have received the message. Does that mean they gonna delete any of my pages or any content ?


  6. As usual Zuckerberg is being a leftist liberal bowing to whomever. That comment above that we won’t need any professional.skills is so lame. I agree that it’s probably being removed because a lot of liberals don’t work or have any professional skills

  7. Received this message about removing Home Inspection and Home Inspector. I have a business page so this does not really change anything for me. This will create issues for anyone without a business page that relies on personal page.

  8. It’s unbelievable how sketchy this move is! I also can’t believe this is the only page where I could find some info….FB is giving now the option to save those data. Are they gonna delete also the photos? Or only the professional skills? I’m not sure how much data I’m supposed to save at this point…I mean we’re talking about over a decade of photos that I truly wouldn’t want to lose. Do you guys know if that’s gonna be the case? Or is downloading/saving personal skills enough? Plus why TF is FB doing so? Does it mean that only public pages can show those info?

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