Facebook for Android celebrates Pride Month with new Doodle

Pride month is celebrated worldwide in the month June, worldwide. Last year, most of the pride month events were cancelled to stop the spread. But, as of now the situation is much better so, people are coming out and celebration.

Pride month celebration starts from today and Facebook joined the party. Facebook for Android added a secret doodle in their app. The secret doodle can be triggered by double tapping on the facebook logo within the app.

facebook doodle pride month

The situation in some countries is better while others are still suffering. So, LGBTQ people are using digital platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom for virtual meetups and celebrations.

Facebook’s doodle is showing the LGBTQ people celebrating pride month with each other. It also depicted the colors of LGBTQ community flag in their logo. Have a look at the video below showing the new Facebook doodle:

Microsoft also celebrating Pride month. They introduced a special pack of color themes regarding LGBTQ flag colors in the Microsoft edge and Outlook app for Android.

Outlook app shipped these theme colors in their Android app. You can enable these from the Settings > Appearance options. In appearance options choose “Theme Colors” where you can choose your favourite color as your theme color.

Similarly in Microsoft Edge, they introduced a new Settings panel called Color Themes. In this new settings option there are tons of theme colors available.

Additionally, if you want to use LGBTQ flag colors or Pride colors you need to install the special theme package as extension. It is available in the Microsoft Edge store. Open Microsoft Edge store and search for Pride or Pride Theme, you’ll get it.

You just need to tap on install to install these Pride colors as your Microsoft edge themes. We haven’t seen any such themes for Chrome or Brave browser.

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