Download Oppo Flash Tool [Latest Version] (2022)

Oppo Flash Tool is computer software that allows us to flash, repair, downgrade or upgrade our Oppo and Realme smartphones. It can also be used to fix the bricked phone and remove the lock screen from any Oppo and Realme smartphone. You can download Oppo Flash Tool from the links provided in this article. Along with the download links, I am also sharing the features and installation guide that will help you to install and use the tool properly.

You can download Oppo Flash Tool from the links given in the article. It can help you to fix smartphones with a black screen and boot loops. Oppo Flash Tool is a Windows software that can be easily installed on your PC for free. It is only used to fix bricked smartphones and shouldn’t be used for illegal purposes. You must have the device owner’s permission before performing anything on it. We are not liable for anything illegal you’ve done, so use it wisely.

Note: Oppo Flash Tool is a Windows software and cannot be used on any other operating system like Linux. You should look for other options for Linux systems or use a Virtual Machine with Windows installed.

About Oppo Flash Tool

Before we begin installing the tool on your PC, you must know about it:

Name of Tool Oppo Flash Tool
Latest Version v1728.31
Developer Oppo

Features of Oppo Flash Tool

Here are some of the features of Oppo Flash Tool:

  1. Fix Bricked Phones: Oppo Flash Tool helps you to fix bricked smartphones that are not booting up. You can use this tool to flash official firmware that will fix the bricked smartphone.
  2. Unlock Smartphones: You can use Oppo Flash Tool to unlock your smartphones that are locked, and you forgot the password. It is beneficial in such cases as you can save your phone.
  3. Extensive Support: Oppo Flash Tool works for most Oppo and Realme devices. It supports a wide range of smartphones manufactured by Oppo and Realme.
  4. Simple to Use: The Graphical User Interface(GUI) of Oppo Flash Tool makes it very simple and easy to use. It helps beginners understand and use the tool to flash the firmware on their Oppo and Realme smartphones.

Download Oppo Flash Tool

Now it’s time to download Oppo Flash Tool:

Oppo Download Tool (v1728.31)

Tool Name: Oppo Download Tool

File Name: Oppo_Download_Tool_v1728.31.rar

Download Links: Download Link / Telegram

Oppo Download Tool Enabler

Tool Name: Oppo Download Tool Enabler

File Name:

Download Links: Download Link / Telegram

DownloadTool Rcsm (v1.2.23)

Tool Name: DownloadTool Rcsm

File Name: DownloadTool_Rcsm_V1.2.23.rar

Download Links: Download Link / Telegram

Msm Download Tool (v2.0.71)

Tool Name: Msm Download Tool

File Name:

Download Links: Download Link / Telegram

Warning: We haven’t developed these tools and do not guarantee that they will work as expected. Please use these tools on your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage to your device. Thanks.

Steps to Install Oppo Flash Tool on the Computer

  1. To start with, download and install the device on your PC.
  2. Disable anti-virus software application up until the flash device is mounted.
  3. Extract the downloaded .rar files
  4. Go to the Oppo All Device folder and set up the PDAnet.exe file.
  5. Next off, run the CodeMeterRuntime.exe and install it.
  6. After the installation process is completed, open up the CodeMeter Contro Center.
  7. Go to Control Center > click Import Certificate.
  8. Surf the Oppo All Tool and choose OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.
  9. Now, under the Control Center status, you will see the License activated.
  10. Open Up the Oppo Download Tool folder > Run DownloadTool.exe documents.
  11. Under the Download Tool interface, you will see the Format Download and install option.
  12. Head to the Oppo All Tool folder > Run Enable.exe and click Enable.
  13. Next off, pick Format Download as well as place the password te123, and also click OK.
  14. Currently, you have actually effectively activated the Oppo MSM Download Tool.
  15. Delight in!


Oppo Flash Tool can be used to flash the firmware and fix bricked phones. It is helpful in fixing a lot of problems with your Oppo and Realme phones. You can download from the download section in this article.

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