Discover Section crashes in Chrome for Android

Google released BETA version of Chrome a few days ago. It came up with many changes to its core features.

Chrome added a flag that adds Google Lens in top of address bar which makes it easy to search Google with images. You just need to tap on Lens icon and upload image to search.

“Search with Lens” flag is removed and it is now integrated with the new flag. Other core changes include removal of native Lazy loading flag of Chrome. It is now removed from Chrome flags, so you cannot use it to enable native lazy loading feature.

Along with all these changes there are many other changes in the core components of Google Chrome for Android. However, there’s one issue users are facing is Discover crashes. It is reported several times on Twitter but looks like Google doesn’t care at all.

Google Chrome’s Discover section shows the latest and most relevant news articles and other content based on our browsing behaviour. It is very helpful to keep ourselves updated with what’s happening around the Globe.

But, the Chrome’s Discover section crashes many time. It shows dots and vertical lines instead of articles. You can see how it looks after crash in the screenshot below.

A lot of people facing the same issue since last update and they headed towards Twitter complaining about the issue. Here are some tweets by users facing the Discover crash issue with Google Chrome for Android.

Similar complaints came on reddit when a user by the reddit username u/kapuss posted on r/softwaregore, many people replied that they are facing similar issues on their Android devices with Google Chrome’s Discover crashing.

Chrome Discover Asks Me to Stop from softwaregore

One user  replied to this post pointing out that this can be a result of “graphical rendering error”. Now, we are not sure about the reason but this can be one of the reason or cause of this Discover crash in Chrome for Android.

If we get any updates regarding fix of this issue. I will update you guys, stay tuned. Thanks for reading.

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