How to Disable Download Button on Roposo?

Roposo is a popular short video sharing platform owned by Glance Digital Experience Pvt. Ltd. It allows creators to post short videos on their platform, a similar concept like TikTok, which was banned across globe due to privacy and security concerns. Roposo allows viewers to watch videos in the feed, like and comment on those videos. However, there’s an option to download those videos and save them offline. However, if a creator doesn’t want viewers to download the video they can disable download button on Roposo.

You need to follow a few very simple steps to disable download button on Roposo app. So, the viewers can’t download the videos and repost them somewhere else.

Steps to Disable Download Button on Roposo

Launch Roposo App - Disable Download Button on Roposo

Step 1: Launch the Roposo App on Android

You need to Launch the Roposo App on your Android device. Go to Your Android App Drawer and find Roposo and click on the App icon to open the Roposo App.

Open Roposo Profile - Disable Download Button on Roposo

Step 2: You need to Open Roposo Profile

After opening Roposo app on your Android device, you need to open the Roposo profile section. Like in the screenshot.

Open Side Menu

Step 3: Open Side Menu in Roposo App

After opening the Roposo profile you need to open the Roposo Side Menu by clicking on the gear icon.

Open Roposo Account Settings

Step 4: Open Account Settings of your Roposo Account

You need to find an option of Account Settings in the Roposo App’s Side Menu and click on it to open Roposo Account Settings.

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Open Privacy Settings - Disable Download Button on Roposo

Step 5: Open Privacy Settings of your Roposo Account

You need to click on the Privacy option in the Account Settings to open the Privacy Settings for your Roposo Account

Toggle On the Hide Download Button Option

Step 6: Turn of Toggle to Disable Download Button on Roposo

In the privacy settings, you’ll get an option to hide the download button for your videos or stories, you need to enable this option by clicking on the toggle button.

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Question 1: Will it stop people from downloading my videos on Roposo?

Answer 1: It will stop people from downloading your videos directly from the Roposo app. But there are some other ways to download Roposo Videos. You can’t do anything about it.

Question 2: Will it affect the reach of my videos on Roposo?

Answer 1: I don’t think it will affect the reach of your videos. As per my research, there’s no such incident reported.

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