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  1. i faced the same issue a scammer contacted me claiming to be help desk to a cryptocurrency he send me a wallet connect link i wrote my wallet phrase and scanned the QR code that they give after from my wallet i deleted my wallet now but i just want to know if that action could hack my phone also or just the wallet

      1. I have the same issue with mons. The scammer have my qr code and steal all my coins, But I still not deleted my trust wallet, does he will do it again to me if i store again coins in my trust wallet.

  2. My trust wallet recently drained from this walletconnect app on Google play.. myself and friends in my telegram chat got it removed …..very disappointed with Google play…Complaints were there before mine

  3. Yes , they are scammer. I lost 13 cake and 65 lac fomobaby token and .08 BNB, they steel your funds through private key or 12 words. from my meta mask

  4. They are scammer and cheater. they steal your wallet and drained your crypto wallet.

    having two domains 1.

    & 2.

    Owner is same of both domains

    Kindly beware don’t put your wallet secret phrase 12 digit and private key.

    He is basted, cheated to many innocent people & still doing continue

    I am sure that these kind of cheater, will die in the road side like DOG.