Clubhouse ditched Followers and introduced a new role

Clubhouse recently introduced a lot of new features and also made its platform public. They ditched the invite-only strategy and made the platform public so everyone can join and use it.

In the latest update, Clubhouse introduced many big changes to their voice social media platform. Clubhouse changed its logo to the picture of Stone Mound Meezy (@MEGAMEEZY).

Clubhouse app also introduced an Olympic Games badge for Clubhouse profiles. You need to add your country flag in the Description to show the special Olympic Games badge.

Clubhouse launched the instant messaging feature on 24 July with the name “Backchannel”. Clubhouse Backchannel also crossed the 100 Million message mark with 1.2 Million unique senders.

In this update, Clubhouse ditched Followers and from now on there will be no such thing. Clubhouse hosts/admins won’t need to convert the followers into members, the followers will be converted to Members automatically. It will apparently save the time of Admins.

If you’re the administrator of a club, you have the option of making membership “Open” (meaning anybody may join) or “By Approval” (meaning you individually approve all Members).

We believe that those who present public performances will want to have their club membership set to “Open.” This implies they won’t have to convert every Follower into a Member by hand, which should save them a lot of time.

Along with the changes in Followers, Clubhouse introduced a new role called “Leader”. A Leader can start rooms and schedule events that all club members can see, but can’t edit club settings, edit the club name, or add/remove members. Admins can choose which trusted club members to designate as Leaders.

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