Chrome Toolbar Shortcut customization options are here

In the recent updates, Chrome Canary shipped new features like Privacy Review and WebNotes Stylize. These features are quite helpful for Chrome users. In a new Chrome Canary update, the Chrome Toolbar Shortcut customization feature or option is added in the Chrome browser.

In this article, we will discuss the Chrome Toolbar Shortcut customization options and features that are coming in upcoming updates. This new option to customize Chrome Toolbar Shortcut will be shipped very soon in the upcoming updates.

Chrome Toolbar Shortcut customization options are here

Previously, we were able to enable the lens option in Omnibox using chrome://flags. In this latest update, we get a dedicated option in Chrome settings to change the shortcut option to the shortcut of your choice. We will be able to choose shortcut icon to the following shortcuts:

  • Based on your usage: After enabling this option, Google Chrome will change the shortcut option randomly depending on your usage. It will track your usage and the option you use the most will be added to the Toolbar shortcut.
  • New Tab: New Tab shortcut will allow you to obviously open a new tab. It will ease the process of opening a new tab and make it quick with this shortcut.
  • Share: The share option can also be added to the Chrome toolbar shortcut. It will allow you to share a webpage and you can easily
  • Voice Search: Voice search shortcut allows you to search through voice. Just tap the microphone icon and start speaking. It will search for whatever you speak. Voice Search is available in Google Chrome for years now.

Chrome Toolbar Shortcut customization options

Note: To enable Chrome Toolbar Shortcut customization options, you don’t need to turn on any Chrome Flags. It is already available in Chrome Settings. You can customize toolbar shortcut, following this guide.

Beta Tested App Details:

  • App Name: Chrome Canary
  • App Version: 93.0.4541.0
  • Operating System: Android 10

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