Chrome Send Tab Feature received new update

Google now working on improving Chrome Send Tab feature. Google changed a lot of things recently including highly-criticised Tab groups feature. We shared a guide to disable Chrome Tab Groups,  but after the new Chrome 91 update, that guide is no more relevant as those flags are now removed.

Chrome Send Tab Feature received new update

Leopeva64 shared a snapshot of the newly updated Chrome Send Tab on Twitter and Reddit. Google named this new update as Chrome Send Tab v2. He spotted Chrome Send Tab v2 in the Chrome Canary and it can possibly come to the stable version.

Chrome Send Tab Feature received new update

Google added a new Chrome flag in Chrome Lab section:


Send tab to self 2.

Enables new received tab UI shown next to the profile icon instead of using system notifications. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS Android

Previously, when someone sends tab, it was only showing in native notifications section. But, now Chrome will show you a prompt within the browser, pretty handy feature.

In the previous version of Chrome Send Tab feature, Chrome was using the native notifications of OS. But, if someone disabled the notifications they will never receive any such notifications and won’t be able to use Chrome Send Tab feature.

Version 2 of Chrome Send Tab feature solves the problem entirely. As of now the feature is available in Chrome Canary and far from coming to stable release.

Some of you are not happy with the Placement of this new feature as per the responses on Twitter. I agree with you. Because, the Chrome header is used for storing things for long time like BookMarks, Extensions and Reading List. The Chrome Send Tab feature is currently in Canary and under developer. We may see a lot of changes before it lands to stable channel. I will keep an eye on the development and update you about the improvements.

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