Chrome Canary introduces Quick Search widget

Chrome Canary introduces Quick Search widget – The latest updates of Chrome Canary shipped a new feature called Quick Search widget. now you can enable these Quick Search widget and then place Quick Search widget on your home screen. It was spotted by Dinsan Francis from Chrome Story.

Canary is a pre-beta version of Google’s famous Chrome web browser. Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary are the four release channels offered by Google for its browser. The majority of people use the popular browser’s Stable edition, which has been thoroughly tested and is considered to be quite dependable.

Chrome Canary ships the upcoming features in Chrome for testing. These upcoming features are tested by developers and browser enthusiasts.

Chrome Canary introduces Quick Search Widget

Quick Search Widget is available in Chrome Canary. It will be available in stable update very soon if everything goes fine. Quick Search Widget let’s you add a widget on Homescreen on of your Android phone or tablet.

Chrome Canary introduces Quick Search widget
Chrome Canary introduces Quick Search widget

Quick Search widget in Chrome can be very helpful for users. it will allow users to search on Google directly from their home page without opening any Google search application or chrome browser itself.

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You can just enable Quick Search Widget from chrome://flags and then choose the widget in your default launcher.

Now you can place it on home screen. After placing it on home screen, you can use it to search for anything you want without leaving your home screen. You won’t need to open Google search app or any other browser on Android.

App Specifications:

  • App Name: Chrome Canary
  • App Version: 93.0.4552.0
  • Updated on: 28 June, 2021
  • Developed by: Google LLC

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