How to Change/Update Email ID in Meesho App?

Guide to Change/Update Email ID in Meesho App – Meesho is a pretty helpful app for people to earn money while working from home. It is a no investment business app for Android that lets you start reselling business at no charges. You can resell products and make a steady income with the Meesho app. If you want to change/update Email ID in Meesho App, follow this tutorial thoroughly.

In this tutorial, we will help you to change/update Email ID in Meesho App. You can easily update your meesho email ID following the steps shared in this tutorial.

How to Change/Update Email ID in Meesho App?

To Change/Update Email ID in Meesho App, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Launch your Meesho app on an Android device and login into your accountMeesho App Icon
  2. Navigate to Meesho profile from the footer and tap on your nameChange/Update Email ID in Meesho App
  3. Tap on “Edit Profile” to open the Meesho Profile settings and modify those settingsChange/Update Email ID in Meesho App
  4. Change/Update Email ID in Meesho App by entering a new email address in the input boxChange/Update Email ID in Meesho App
  5. Tap on the Save button to save the updated input Email address in the Meesho app

While writing this tutorial, I thought it would be great to create a video tutorial and add it here so, everyone can understand the tutorial rather than just reading the tutorial. So, here’s the video tutorial you can watch to understand the process in a better way. The tutorial is unlisted on the DroidMaze channel, so, you won’t find it there.

Note: Meesho must have a verification mechanism that sends a verification link to a new email address after updating the email address. It will help to improve the overall security and reduces mishappenings due to user error.

After following this guide, I hope you can now change/Update Email ID in Meesho app. Please share this tutorial on social media if it was useful. Please use the comment section to let us know if you have any difficulties or have any feedback for us. We’ll get back to you right away.

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