[GUIDE] How to Change Owner/Primary Account on Chromebook

Chromebook is a very important gadget for students as they are attending their online classes through it. Many Chromebook users face issues with changing the primary account on Chromebook. Some users keep asking how to change owner on Chromebook in communities like r/Chrome.

I think it’s time to address this question and provide a working solution to this issue. In this article, I will be sharing a guide to change the owner account on Chromebook. It will help you to change your primary account on Chromebook.

Let’s understand what Owner account or Primary account is on Chromebook.

What is Owner Account on Chromebook?

The owner account or Primary account is the account that you log in to for the first time on your new Chromebook. The owner account can access Sign-in permissions, System channel settings, and Network management. It has the permissions to change the Time zone and share the Usage statistics and crash reports.

The Owner account on Chromebook has the same privileges as an Administrator on Windows PC. They have full access and control over the system.

Backup Your Chromebook

Before we proceed to change the Primary account, you must backup your Chromebook. It is a crucial part of this process as we need to wipe your Chromebook to change your primary account. So, it’s very crucial to backup your Chromebook before we proceed.

You must enable Sync everything and backup your Downloads and another local folder to an external hard drive or any other external storage device. Once you’re done with the backup, we are good to go.


How to Change Primary Account on Chromebook

To change your primary account on Chromebook, you need to follow these steps:

1. Log in to Chromebook’s owner account

First of all, you need to Log in to your Chromebook with the primary account or owner account. It is important as we need to have administrative privileges to proceed.

2. Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Reset settings

After logging into the Primary account, you need to open Chromebook settings. In Chromebook settings, you need to click on the Reset settings option under the Advanced section. The advanced section of Settings can be found in the sidebar of Chromebook settings.

3. Click on Powerwash in Reset Settings

Powerwash is the name of Factory reset in Chromebooks. You need to Click Powerwash to proceed to wipe all the data and factory reset it.

4. Confirm to Powerwash and Restart

After you click Powerwash, a popup will appear asking for confirmation. You need to click Restart so, the Chromebook will factory reset and then restart automatically.

5. Change Primary Account on Chromebook

After the factory reset, Chromebook will restart and ask you to log in with a new account. Now, you need to log in with the account that you want to make the owner of the Chromebook and you have successfully changed the Primary account on Chromebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why I can’t change the Primary account on my School Chromebook?

A1. School Chromebooks are managed by Schools and the students have no administrative privileges. You should ask the School administrator for changing the primary account on your Chromebook.

Q2. What is Powerwash in my Chromebook settings?

A2. Powerwash is the name given to factory reset in Chromebook settings.

Q3. Why do I need to backup the Chromebook before changing the Primary account?

A3. You need to backup your Chromebook to keep your files safe. We need to wipe your Chromebook to change your primary account.

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