How to Change Language in Telegram App (with Pictures)

In this article, I will be teaching you how to change language in Telegram app on Android devices. This will be a full step-by-step tutorial along with images of every step to change language in Telegram app.

Telegram is a global chatting application that supports a few of the most spoken languages. You can change the language of your Telegram app following this tutorial.

How do you change language in Telegram app?

You can change the language in Telegram app to let you understand and use the chat app in a more friendly environment. It has a lot more options other than the English language. You can choose any of the languages that you want among the list of supported languages by Telegram. Here’s how you can change language in Telegram app.

  1. Open Telegram app on Android phoneChange Language in Telegram App
  2. Go to Telegram SettingsOpen Settings to Change Language in Telegram App
  3. Tap on the Language optionChange Language in Telegram App
  4. Change language in Telegram app to your preferred oneChange Language in Telegram App
  5. Now, the Telegram interface will change the text to the language of your choiceChanged Language in Telegram Successfully

Note: If you change language in Telegram app on your Android phone, it won’t affect other devices where your account is logged in.


How to change the language back to English in Telegram?

If you want to change the language back to the default language i.e., English, you need to follow some steps and then choose the English language. It will revert your language back to English.

How to sync my language across devices?

No, you can’t. Telegram doesn’t sync the languages across all platforms. You need to change language individually if you want to.

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