Bromite v90.0.4430.92 is released. Here are the new features

Bromite is a fork of the Chromium browser project, which adds ad-blocking features and enhanced privacy and security options. It is a completely open-source project and the source code is available on Github.

What are the new features of Bromite?

  1. Horizontal tab switcher: A user reported that according to README, there must be a horizontal tab switcher flag in chrome://flags but its wasn’t released in the previous update. So, they introduced the Horizon Tab Switcher flag in this new update.
  2. Proxy Settings fixed: There was a bug in Proxy settings that are fixed to allow users to add a custom proxy in Proxy Configuration Settings.
  3. Disable Feeds: Toggle to Disable Feeds, was a patch added to the previous release, but it wasn’t working so, they fixed it in this new release.
  4. Flag to Disable HTTP requests: In this new update, a flag is added to disable all HTTP requests.

Download Bromite for Android

Changelog for Bromite v90.0.4430.92:

- restore horizontal tab switcher feature (fixes
- fix a couple of bugs in proxy saving UI (thanks to @uazo, fixes
- disable feeds V2 toggle (fixes
- allow fetching field trials from flags (thanks to @uazo, fixes
- add AllowUserCertificates flag (thanks to @uazo, fixes
- add IsCleartextPermitted flag (thanks to @uazo, fixes

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