Brave vs Bromite: The Ultimate Privacy Browser Comparison

Looking for the ultimate privacy browser? Brave and Bromite are the best choices. But, which one is better. Let’s find out in this Brave vs Bromite browser comparison.

In this article, we will be doing a Brave vs Bromite comparison. It will help users to choose the best between Brave vs Bromite. Both of these are top-notch and highly trusted privacy browsers. Brave and Bromite are based on the Chromium open-source project.

We create a public poll on Twitter asking you guys to choose the

best privacy browser between Brave and Bromite. Here’s the response:

Bromite is clearly the favorite browser of our community. So, let’s continue with our comparison.

Note: The Twitter poll was for fun. It won’t affect our comparison. Let’s continue with the comparison.

Brave vs Bromite: The Ultimate Privacy Browser Comparison

In this detailed comparison, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both browsers. At last, we’ll share the result with your guys to choose the best browser between Brave and Bromite.

Advantages of Brave

  1. Takes Privacy Seriously: By eliminating adverts and trackers and not tracking people’s queries, it takes privacy seriously. Brave has features such as HTTPS everywhere and no tracking. In most other browsers, these features are at best optional.
  2. Free Open-Source Software: This work respects the FSF’s four freedoms, including the right to use, modify, and redistribute with or without change, and was released to the community under the Mozilla Public License (MPL).
  3. More control over privacy: You can disable fingerprint tracking and other types of tracking.
  4. In-built Ad Blocking: Most of the browsers require rooting or going via unoptimized add-on stores to disable adverts, while Link Bubble does so right out of the box, making surfing far less cluttered. Allows you to “Allow Brave Acceptable Ads” if you want to help support the site you love.
  5. TOR: TOR Browser is integrated within the Brave browser. So, you don’t need an additional browser to access TOR network.
  6. Creator of Mozilla and Javascript developed Brave browser
  7. The sync feature is available to access everything across devices.
  8. DNS over HTTP: It is now available in Brave browser too.
  9. Fingerprint Randomization: It is one of my favourite features in Brave that i miss in Google Chrome

Brave vs Bromite

Advantages of Bromite

  1. DNS over HTTPS: DNS over HTTPS makes Bromite more privacy-friendly than any other Chromium-based browser. Now, it is also available in Brave.
  2. Size of installation: 88 to 105 MB (depends upon OEM manufacturer & usage by user).
  3. Bromite is approved by
  4. RAM usage: Optimized use of RAM(depends upon usage by user)
  5. Bookmarks Management: Bromite offers excellent Bookmarks Management, you can even import and export bookmarks.
  6. Always Updated: Bromite offers updates immediately with every new release of Chromium
  7. Adblock filters are highly Customizable
  8. Custom DNS Blocker: Bromite offers the custom DNS Blocker in their browser
  9. Fingerprint Randomisation: It is also available in the Brave browser.

Disadvantages of Brave

  1. Brave BAT project: Brave comes with a BAT project. They mostly focus on their BAT project rather than improving the browser
  2. Brave is power hungry: Brave uses a lot of power and drains the battery quickly
  3. Reader More: Reader view. It can be accessed with an extension though.
  4. Google for search: Brave uses Google(default) for search, a big setback for privacy-friendly browsers.
  5. Non-Ethical Behaviour: Researchers caught Brave inserting affiliate links in shopping websites. Later on they apologized and assured that they won’t do anything like this in future.

Disadvantages of Bromite

  1. Depends on Google: Bromite is basically Chrome with Adblocking
  2. Battery Life: We found that Bromite uses more battery as compared to Brave

After this detailed comparison, we conclude that Bromite is a better choice, if you only concern about Privacy and security.

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  1. This is a poor comparison.
    Brave also supports DNS over HTTPS, and it has the same bookmark management (you can import/export), however Bromite has no bookmark sync feature.

    • Yes. I haven’t mentioned that Bromite has a bookmark sync feature. It only offers the options to import and export unlike sync in Brave.

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