Brave Browser for Android revamped settings with new layout and icons

Brave browser for Android recently introduced a new version of their privacy browser. In this update, we received many new features. One of the most appreciated features was Brave playlists. It allows you to save audio and video content in a queue and organize it the way you like. Brave Browser for Android also revamped the settings page by introducing a new layout and icons for Settings options.

In the latest 1.26.43 update, Brave introduced many features for its users. This new version of Brave is based on Chromium 91.0.4472.77, which has the latest features of Chrome, and Chromium including Tab groups.

Brave Browser for Android revamped settings with a new layout and icons

In the latest 1.26.43 update, Brave revamped the look of Brave browser settings. Now the browser settings look more organized and pleasing to the eyes. Brave organized the settings options into categories which makes it easy for users to find the right Settings quickly.

These settings options are available in Brave Beta 1.26.43 and will be shipped to stable release very soon. Brave also introducing new icons for every settings option in Brave browser settings. New Brave browser settings icons are elegant in look and design. Have a look at these new icons.

Privacy Settings renamed to Brave shields & Privacy

The latest beta version of Brave browser renamed the Privacy Settings to “Brave shields and Privacy options”. Brave privacy settings added are now called “Brave shields and Privacy options”. It introduced a few new privacy options.

Brave Browser for Android revamped settings with new layout and icons

The AdBlocker settings now have three options, no blocking, Standard, and Aggressive. It is also renamed to Block Trackers & ads from the simple AdBlocker checkbox.

After these settings and other design changes will be added to the stable release, the user experience will definitely improve. However, Brave seems to be more focused on promoting their BAT Project rather than improving the Browser itself.

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