Brainly App Guide 101: How to use Brainly App

In this new era of Technology, where everything is digital. Education is also evolving. Now, students are using apps like Brainly to solve doubts and watch lectures on YouTube. In this Brainly App guide, we will help such students in understanding the Brainly App. We will explain to them how to use the Brainly app.

Brainly is quite helpful for students of any age group. Students can ask, answer and interact with other students using the Brainly App. It is available for both Mobile and Desktop.

What is Brainly App?

Brainly App is a community of students where they can ask questions, and other students can answer their questions. It is a simple concept and similar to the old age forum websites. But Brainly is modern in look and implementation, which sets it apart from any other forum website. It works on rating and leaderboard systems. Students have to gain points to ask their questions. Students can answer questions and gain points. They can use these points to ask their own questions and doubts.

Brainly gamified this whole thing with points and a leaderboard system. It keeps students engaged and enjoy using the Brainly app while helping others. It’s not a new concept but implemented uniquely. We will explain everything in this Brainly App Guide.

Is Brainly a safe app?

Brainly App is rated 3+ on Play Store, which makes it safe for students and kids. However, Brainly is a public platform, and content is crowdsourced so, parents should look up while their kids are using the Brainly app. Like any other public platform, Brainly is also prone to spammers and scammers so, beware while using. Do not fall for any spam or scams.

Is the Brainly app free?

Yes. Brainly app is completely free of charge to use to access the questions and answers. It is an advertisement-driven app for students. It doesn’t ask for any money to ask or answer questions on their platform. Brainly app shows you advertisements, and that’s the main source of income for them. They may introduce paid plans in the future.

Can I earn money from Brainly?

Brainly doesn’t offer any method to make money. It doesn’t take any money from students to ask questions. However, if you want to make money while helping others, try DoubtNut. DoubtNut pays students for solving questions. You can withdraw money from Doubtnut using PayTm.

Is Brainly legit?

Brainly is a completely legit app and website. It doesn’t ask you for any money to use it. It has a 3.9-star rating and over a 100Million downloads on Play Store. It is one of the most recommended apps for students.

Brainly App Guide:

Brainly App Guide 101

How to ask Questions on Brainly?

To ask Questions on Brainly, follow this Brainly app guide:

  1. Install the Brainly app on Android from Play Store
  2. Login or Create your Brainly account
  3. Tap on the camera icon and scan your question
  4. Tap on the Keyboard icon and Type your Question
  5. Ask a question on Brainly, if it doesn’t exist.

Note: In your question, you can also attach images, and voice messages.

I hope you find this Brainly app guide helpful. We are trying to help you understand and use the Brainly app with this Brainly app guide.

How do you unblock Brainly at school?

To unblock Brainly at school, follow this Brainly app guide:

  1. Launch Chrome Brower
  2. Install any VPN chrome extension
  3. Visit website
  4. Login to
  5. Start using the Brainly App at your School

How do you get unlimited points on the Brainly app?

To get unlimited points on the Brainly app, follow this Brainly app guide:

  1. Answer questions to get points
  2. Mark questions as Brainlist to get 25% points
  3. Reach Leaderboard to get extra points on all questions
  4. Install this version of the Brainly app to get unlimited points
  5. The more you use Brainly, the more points you get.

How to block the Brainly Ads?

Brainly is an ad-supported website. Brainly makes money from ads that keep the platform running. So, I would suggest keeping the ads and do not block the ads. Brainly ads are not repetitive or irrelevant as they use Google Adsense for their website.

How to download the Brainly app on a Laptop?

Brainly App is available for all platforms. You need to visit to use the Brainly app on your laptop. On the website, you need to log in to your account. It will sync your questions and answers with the app on your phone.

How to delete the Brainly account?

Brainly allows you to easily delete the Brainly account. You need to navigate to Settings > Edit Profile. Now in Edit Profile, go to the Preferences section and choose “I want to delete my account”, to delete your Brainly account.

It will ask you the password of the account and then you can delete your Brainly account. It will permanently remove your profile, questions, and answers from Brainly. After entering the password and continuing, you’ll get the following message.

Why leave Brainly? We've received your request and we'll delete your account soon. Tell us why you decided to leave here: [email protected].

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