BGMI launched for iOS, download from App Store

BGMI launched for iOS – BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India was the most awaited mobile game of this year. Last year, the Government of India banned the game due to some privacy issues and connections with Chinese company Tencent. After the ban, PUBG Mobile parent company Krafton which is based in Korea promised that they will launch the non-Chinese version of the game in India. Finally, after a wait of almost a year, the game is finally launched with changes as BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India.

BGMI was first launched on the Android platform and everyone was happy except the iOS users. Because the game wasn’t launched for iOS users. Now, the Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI launched on iOS devices and is available to download. Today, we spotted it on Apple’s App Store and tried to download it.

Now, if you were waiting for BGMI on iOS, you can go to App Store and download it on your iOS device.

What is Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the latest mobile game which is developed by PUBG Mobile Game. The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms. BGMI launched for iOS. The game is very similar to the PUBG game and it is the mobile version of the game.

BGMI was released in the year 2017 as PUBG Mobile by Tencent. The game is very popular in the market and it is played by millions of players around the world.

BGMI launched for iOS
BGMI launched for iOS

Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI launched for iOS

Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI  launched for iOS platform and is available for download on App Store. It was expected to launch on August 18, 2021, as per the leaks from popular BGMI streamers. Now, Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI launched for iOS on August 18, 2021.

iOS users can now go to Apple App Store and download/install the BGMI game on iOS devices. It is available for free to download on Apple App Store.

How to Install BGMI on iOS?

To install BGMI on iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Open Apple App Store on iOS device
  2. Log in with your iCloud account on App Store
  3. Search for BGMI on iOS device
  4. Open the BGMI app page by clicking on the first result
  5. Install BGMI game on the iOS device and enjoy

Note: You can also download BGMI from third-party app stores. It is also available there if it’s not showing in App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions of Battlegrounds Mobile India

In this section, I will answer the frequently asked questions of Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI.

Q1. Is BGMI launched in iOS?

Yes. BGMI has finally launched iOS. iOS users can play BGMI games on their devices. You can install the game from Apple’s App Store.

Q2. How can I download BGMI on iOS?

BGMI launched for iOS. You can download BGMI iOS from Apple’s App Store. Go to Apple Apple Store and search for BGMI, then click on the first result. Tap on Install to download and Install BGMI in iOS.

No. You shouldn’t use VPN to play BGMI on your Android or iOS devices. If you use VPN to play BGMI, your account may get banned from their servers.

Q4. How do you get free UC in BGMI?

You can get free UC from Google Play Store. You should participate in the Google Rewards program and earn credits. After earning enough credits, you can purchase UC from those credits. It’s completely free.

Q5. Can you gift UC in BGMI?

You can gift items purchased from UC. But gifting UC to a friend or another BGMI account is not allowed.

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