11 Best FLAC Player Apps on Android

Mobile Phones replaced a lot of gadgets from camera to pocket media players. We use our Android Phone for a lot of different tasks. We use our Android phones to capture our life moments in photos and to listen music. Our Android Phones support a tons of different types of music file formats, from MP3 to WAV. However, there are many smartphones that doesn’t support the audio format FLAC by default.

So, we are here to share 11 Best FLAC Player Apps that help you to play FLAC audio files. But before we move on to our list, I know there are some people who don’t know what is FLAC audio format. So, let me explain it first for you.

What is FLAC Audio Format?

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec which is basically an audio coding format for lossless compression of digital audio. It was developed by Xiph.Org Foundation around 19 years ago in July, 2001.

Why we need FLAC?

FLAC is an audio coding format which is capable of lossless compression of audio which means that if an original file of an audio is 200MB then FLAC can code it and compress it upto 50-100MB with lossless compression. While other ways of compressing any files doesn’t do the work efficiently.

However, there are other formats like MP3 which does amazing job at compression and reduced it into bytes but their quality degrade a lot.

As of now, I am sure that you have a good knowledge about FLAC audio format so, lets move on to list of 11 Best FLAC Player Apps for Android.

11 Best FLAC Player Apps for Android

1. TIDAL – FLAC Player & Streaming

Tidal - best FLAC player

TIDAL is a Norwegian based lossless(FLAC) streaming service using which you can stream and listen to lossless FLAC Audio. TIDAL is a very popular FLAC Player on Android right now only available for United States. However, they are going for a global launch very soon like Spotify.

TIDAL premium starts with $9.99 USD but for listening to lossless FLAC audio then you need to $19.99 USD to the FLAC Player, TIDAL for their HiFi subscription.

Offer: If you’re a student then you can get TIDAL’s HiFi subscription in just $9.99 USD which is the same price as the regular TIDAL Plan. For more information, check their page.

Note: We are not affiliated with TIDAL, but suggesting as a genuine fan of their services.

Go to TIDAL and grab the subscription

2. VLC For Android – FLAC Player for Android

VLC for Android - best FLAC player

VLC is a well-known name in the media player industry. It is the only open-source media player that supports a huge variety of audio and video formats. We are one of the biggest fans and also contributors to VLC Media Player. VLC for Android is basically a minimal version of the VLC Player for Android platform.

VLC for Android supports tons of media formats that no other software. It also supports FLAC so, this is my best FLAC Player for offline and online streaming of FLAC music. It’s the unbeatable beast in the media player market. Go, Install and Enjoy your FLAC Music.

Go to VLC for Android

3. AIMP – MP3 & FLAC Music Player

AIMP for Android - best FLAC player

AIMP is a very popular music player for PC and Android that supports a variety of audio formats including FLAC. It comes with a very minimal look and small size. AIMP Media is only for 4.5 MB in size. It is one of the best FLAC player apps for Android

AIMP supports AAC, APE, DFF, DSF, FLAC, IT, M4A, M4B, MO3, MOD, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPC, MPGA, MTM, OGG, OPUS, S3M, TTA, UMX, WAV, WEBM, WV, XM audio formats with Android app. AIMP also comes with custom themes for improving your experience and UI. It comes with built in light, dark and black themes.

Go to AIMP for Android

4. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet - best FLAC player

Musicolet Music Player is a very powerful FLAC player for Android and it comes with custom themes that improve your user experience. With Musicolet Music Player you can play FLAC media files with a lot of other audio formats.

Exclusive Features: Play Speed and Pitch, you can adjust the play speed and the pitch of the audio in real-time.

Play Speed and Pitch feature

Go to Musicolet Music Player

5. Stellio – Music and FLAC Player

Stellio - best FLAC player

Stellio Music Player is one of the best FLAC Player for Android with great layout and themes. It is developed by Stellio Soft. It supports different kind of theme and let you choose from them to let you enjoy fully customized experience. It supports a lot of music formats like FLAC, MP3, CUE, APE, M4A and WAV.

You can also add custom poster to your song and it also show you the lyrics of song while playing the song. Stellio Music Player also have widget and navigation support that let you control the media playback from home-screen and notification bar.

Go to Stellio

6. foobar2000 – Minimal FLAC Player

foobar2000 minimal powerful player

foobar2000 is a very simple music player or you can say best FLAC player because it supports FLAC file format. It comes with a very minimal layout with no clutter or overwhelming features. One of the best feature of this FLAC Player is gapless playback, my personal favourite.

Go to foobar2000

7. LAP – Local Audio & Music Player

LAP - best FLAC player

LAP FLAC Player also support FLAC file format and will play the audio in the device. It comes with some awesome features like playback speed and resume from last play. You can also set the sleep timer in this audio player. LAP Player supports flac, wv, m4a, ape, mp3, ogg, wma, wav, aiff, awb, dsf audio formats. Adjust and fine tune your songs with the help of the integrated 10 bands Equalizer.

Go to LAP FLAC Player

8. jetAudio HD FLAC Player

jetAudio - best FLAC player

jetAudio FLAC Player is a free of cost best FLAC player which is power packed with tons of features. It comes with 20 band graphical equalizer and precise audio playback speed control. Light/Dark theme support. Gesture and Sensor control to control your music with your gestures and shake of phone.

Go to jetAudio HD FLAC Player

9. Rocket Music Player

Rocket - best FLAC player

Rocket Music Player is a FLAC supporting music player app for Android that let you play FLAC audio player. It comes with 30+ Themes that you can use with this player. It is one of the best FLAC Player for Android try it now.

Go to Rocket Music Player

10. Omnia Music Player

Omnia - best FLAC player

Omnia Music Player is another best FLAC player app that supports FLAC format that can help you play lossless music efficiently. I would suggest you to give it a try. It comes with a lot of new features like crossfade, tag editor, album editor. Omnia Music Player lists all your songs in a masonry format which looks incredible. It comes with 10 band equalizer. It is one of the best flac player for android phone.

Go to Omnia Music Player

11. Hi-Fi Cast – FLAC Player for Android

Hi-fi cast - best FLAC player

Last but not least, Hi-Fi Cast is a very minimal yet powerful and best FLAC player app. I like the material design look in this player where everything is well organized and songs are listed in masonry. This app shows you Advertisements, but you can get rid of Advertisements by buying the premium version or you can try the MODDED app.

Go to Hi-Fi Cast App


So, these were the best FLAC Player apps for Android that I found on Play Store and tested myself. If you have any doubts or queries, you can as in comment section below. Please join our forum to discuss about Android apps and Development.

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