Android Malware Flubot using UPS themed Emails for Phishing

Android Malware Flubot is roaming around the internet and used for phishing attacks and stealing credentials.

Initially, it was pretended to be a courier tracking application from FedEx, but as per the recent reports they are also using name of UPS to perform these phishing attacks.

Attackers are sending spam emails to people and pretending to be an official email from UPS courier service. Here’s a screenshot of email:

Screenshot of SPAM Email

Malware creators are using UPS logo and content to make the email look more authentic. It makes people believe it’s an official email and they install this Android malware Flubot.

How this affects your device?

After installing this android malware named Flubot, it takes accessibility permission and a lot of other permissions too. It give full control of device to the malware creator so they can remotely access the information like SMS, OTPs, Location, Call Records, Credentials etc.

How to uninstall Flubot Android Malware?

To uninstall Flubot Android Malware, follow these steps:

  1. Open MalUninstaller Github Releases page
  2. Download Latest APK from Assets section on PC
  3. Transfer the file with USB
  4. Install APK on Android device
  5. Setup this app as your launcher and follow instructions
  6. Android Malware Flubot uninstalled, now uninstall this app

If you have any questions, ask in comments section. We will try to help you.

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