7 Best Android Forums for Developers

Are you an Android Developer looking for a community? I am here for your rescue. I will be sharing the best Android Forums for Developers. You can discuss your idea and ask questions in these Android forums. If you start Googling Android Forums, you’ll get many Android forums for developers and other general discussions. But, I specifically focused on Android developers while curating this list of best Android forums for Developers. The forums that I included in this list are the most active forums related to Android development.

So, you can choose the forum you want to join from this list of best Android forums for developers. Let’s begin…

7 Best Android Forums for Developers

Here’s the list of best Android forums for Developers:

1. r/AndroidDev


r/AndroidDev is a subreddit and one of the most active Android forums for Developers. You need to signup for a Reddit account to post something on the r/AndroidDev subreddit. It is a very popular community among developers. It has more than 183k members and around 500 active online.


  • Active Community
  • Developers from across the world
  • Strict towards Spam

Join r/AndroidDev

2. Android Developers Group

Android Forum for Developers_Google_Groups

Android Developers Groups is an online group created using Google Groups. Android Developers can join this group and have a discussion with other Android developers. You can ask questions and discuss your ideas with other developers. It is a pretty active community with developer from across the world.


  • Android Developers focused
  • Official Android Group
  • Google Account used. No signup.

Join Android Developers Group

3. AndroidForums

Android Forum for Developer and Enthusiasts

AndroidForums is a popular Android discussion forum which is not specifically focused on Android development only. You can have discussions about Android in general. AndroidForms is well categorized so you can explore and ask questions related to a particular device or topic.


  • Active Community
  • Well Organised
  • Diversified

Join AndroidForums

4. StackOverflow

StackOverflow Android Developers Corner

StackOverflow needs no introduction, as a developer everyone is familiar with this huge QnA website. You can ask your questions and others answer you. StackOverflow makes it easy to explore and ask questions with the tag feature. As an Android Developer, you should use the Android Developement tag to explore and ask questions.


  • Popular Forum
  • Active Developers with higher skills
  • Dedicated Tag system for easy navigation

Join StackOverflow

5. XDA Developers

XDA Developers is popular Android Forum for Developers

XDA Developers is a popular Android developers community that develops and share different kind of mods of Apps like Google Camera, YouTube and more. You will find people asking questions related to Android development and apps. It is one of the most active community of Android developers. You’ll see a new post in every few minutes.


  • Active Communty
  • Focused on Android Development
  • Well organised

Join XDA Developers

6. DroidForums

Android Forum for Developers

DroidForums is a very popular community forum that solely focuses on providing a space for Android enthusiasts and developer to interact with each other. In this Android forum for developer, everything is well organised and that helps users to navigate easily through the forum. You can join this forum by signing up with Google and other social profiles. It has around 500k members to discuss and share your ideas with.


  • Android Development Focused
  • Well Organized
  • Popular Community

Join DroidForums

7. DEV Community

Developer Community

DEV Community is a well-known community of developers. You will find developers from different majors. You can use Android tag to browse and ask questions related to Android Development specifically. It is based on an open source forum software maintained by inhouse team of DEV Community called Forem. You can ask and discuss about your questions related to Android development. You can also showcase your project in this community.

Join Dev Community

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