Android Apps on Windows 11 can be pinned to Taskbar

Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 and stopped the guessing game. Windows 11 is a really big update to Windows 10, as advertised. Microsoft representatives and hosts explained a lot of technical information about the upcoming feature and list the features full of surprises.

As an end note, Microsoft surprised everyone with the announcement of Android app support in the upcoming Windows 11. Microsoft said that Windows 11 will have support for Android apps. These apps can be downloaded from the Windows store itself.

Microsoft explained more about this Android app support with more technical information. They explained that they will be powered with Intel Bridge technology. It is possible due to a partnership between Microsoft and Amazon to integrate Amazon App Store in Microsoft Store.

Android Apps on Windows 11

According to the technical details shared by Microsoft, the Android app will have its own container, and Windows 11 users can install these apps from Microsoft Store. These Android apps can be pinned to the taskbar just like any other ordinary Windows Application.

“Android apps can be resized, snapped and will be treated as native Windows apps”, Microsoft added. As of now, we know that this functionality will be powered by Intel Bridge technology. However, the hardware required is not specified. It is not clear that these apps will be supporting Google Play Services.

Another drawback of partnering with the Amazon App Store for Android apps is the lack of apps as compared to the Google Play Store. It may cause serious stability problems and issues for Windows 11 users while using these Android apps.

Windows 11 Insider build will be available to developers from next week. We’ll be testing this new Android Apps container so, stay tuned.

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