Android 12 won’t let you customize the fonts and icons

Yep, you read it right. Android 12 will remove the fonts and icons customization options. It means that, starting with Android 12, your home screen will always look the same, no matter what phone or tablet you use. If you’re using an older version of Android, you can still customize the fonts and icons on your home screen. Just go to Settings > Display > Fonts & Icons > Home screen.

The latest Android version, Android 12, has reached the point where most of the features are already discovered as the third beta is out for a long time now. There are still some bugs to be worked out, but the OS is mostly finished. The only major change from the previous release is that Android 12 removed the font and icon customization options.

Android 12 won’t let you customize the fonts and icons

According to the Issue Tracker, people are reporting that the latest beta has removed the icon and font customization options. However, in my opinion, it is not a bad thing at all.

There were some speculations that this is more of a bug than a simple change but the status in the Issue tracker says “intended-behavior”. It clarified that it was intentionally pushed into the update and not a bug. Google did it intentionally for the sake of Material You.

Android 12 won't let you customize the fonts and icons

Google has been pushing Material You into the limelight ever since it was announced. The radical new direction for stock Android is Google’s biggest change to the platform in years. The software automatically adjusts a lot of the UI’s look and feel for the user.

Google has been “pushing” Material You into the public eye ever since they announced their “radical” new direction for Android. The software is now changing many of the platform’s UI (User Interface) elements for the user.

It is good for people like me who are minimal but not for a lot of people who like to “tinker and customize” their Android devices are really upset with Google. The company hasn’t responded to the negative feedback as of yet. There’s always hope that Google will reverse this and give back the font and icon customizations.

In the Issue Tracker discussion, many users were comparing Android 12 with iOS. Android is loved by people because it allows users to customize everything on their own. You can customize each and everything on Android that’s the thing it makes different from other Operating Systems.

We’ll have to wait and see whether Google changes its mind. You can get Android 12 on devices as old as the Pixel 3 if you don’t care about the customization tools. If you do have the opportunity, try out the Android 12 Beta.

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