Android 12 native Game Mode is unveiled

Android 12 native Game Mode first look is unveiled. After the astonishing launch of Android 12, everyone is talking about it. We covered the Android 12 leaks before it was officially announced. Android 12 launch impressed as well as surprised everyone. Its fluid design is delightful to my eyes. Android 12 improved the security of their user, somewhat similar to iOS.

Android 12 Beta version has been launched, and we’ve seen tons of positive responses from the beta testers. Everyone appreciated Android for the brand-new interface. The all-new control center is also catchy, along with the notification drawer.

Android 12 native Game Mode is unveiled

Android 12 also taken care of mobile gamers. The beta version features Android 12 native Game Mode, which will improve the overall gaming experience of a mobile gamer. We’ve seen a boom in Mobile gaming after the launch of console-quality games for Android smartphones. Custom Android skins like MIUI and Realme UI ship Game Modes on their phones by default.


Android 12 native Game mode is available in the beta version and coming in the upcoming stable releases. To turn on Android 12 native Game Mode, navigate to Settings > Do not Disturb. Now choose the Do not Disturb plan and you’ll get the Android 12 native Game Mode.

Android 12 native Game Mode features

After launching Android 12 native Game mode, you’ll see the following features:

  • Do Not Disturb option
  • FPS frame rate
  • Screen recording and Screenshots
  • Game Optimization
  • Game Streaming

Android 12 native Game mode allows you to stream your game directly to YouTube through the connected Google account. You just need to tap on the “YouTube Live” option to stream gameplay to the YouTube channel. Additionally, the internal recording will help gamers to stream the in-game audio without needing an external device.

Inter audio recording feature was already available in Android. According to beta testers, Android 12 improved the quality of Audio and made it better for Game recording and Streaming.

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