Android 12 Leaks: Fluid Design, Control Center and More

Android 12 may come in August but the leaks are here now. It wasn’t expected to get Android leaks this quick. Sorry Google, but I can’t wait anymore to reveal it.

Jon Prosser, a famous Apple leaker somehow got Android leaks and he posted everything on his YouTube channel Front Page Tech. I’ve gone through the whole video, and here are some key points and important features from upcoming Android 12 update.

Fluid UI Design

Android 12 will be a massive update to the current UI of Android smartphones. It will update the way Android looks and feel as of now. According to Front Page Tech video, in Android 12  update all the major elements will feature a fluid design.

Control Center and Homescreen widget will have a material fluid design that looks pleasing to eyes.

Time and Notifications Counter Pill

Time on Android 12 will show up in a pill along with a notification counter that shows how many notifications you’ve recieved in the notification center.

Android 12 Leaks

I hope this new design will be adopted by smartphone makers and include in their skins like MIUI, COLOR OS, and Realme UI.

Last week Jon Prosser featured a rendered leak of Pixel 6. Allegedly, It is the same device which is used in the leaked promo of Android 12 leaks.

Stacked Notifications

Notification Center in Android 12 will now feature the most demanded stacked Notifications. You can pinch up and down to move the stacked notifications. Along with stacked notifications, Android 12 also revamped the whole Action center. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons are now bigger and looks similar to the iOS Action center.

Revamped Lock Screen

Android 12 features a revamped Lock Screen where the time font looks a lot bigger than previous one. They are also removed time from notification pill on Lock Screen so, now you can see time in that big font only as the time in notification doesn’t show up on Lock Screen instead recent notification icons are there in the pill.

Android 12 Leaks

New Keyboard

Leaked Android 12 promo features a new keyboard with a totally updated design. In the new keyboard, mic and emoji buttons are moved at bottom in a seperate line. Buttons are featuring a pill like design with different shades and colors.

Android 12 Leaks

New Alarm Control

In Android 12, you’ll get a new alarm control design, where a clock icon appears in center and “Snooze” and “Dismiss” options are horizontally aligned.

Android 12 Leaks

Weather and Music Widget

Weather widget in Android 12 will get a full revamp and the new widget looks much better to me as compared to the current one.

Music widget also got revamped and the new widget features fluid design and clean look. It also shows you the device where your music is playing, either its Phone Speaker or a Bluetooth speaker.

You can watch the whole video here for more information and  visuals:

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

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