Android 12.1 support coming up with HavocOS 5

HavocOS users were eagerly waiting for a new version of the firmware so they can get the support of latest Android 12.1 on their devices. Previously, they released HavocOS v14.4 with Android 11 support and latest security patches (February).

HavocOS 5 is coming up soon with Android 12.1

Today, Anushek Prasal, the lead developer of HavocOS released an statement on HavocOS’s Telegram channel. According to the statement, HavocOS 5 will be based on Android 12.1 which is currently the latest version of Android. He also revealed that HavocOS 5 will be releasing in the end of March or next month.

You can check the list of supported devices on their website

HavocOS is looking for junior Android Developers

Anushek Prasal, the lead developer of HavocOS posted on the official channel of Telegram. According to the post, he is looking for junior Android developers who have knowledge of Java and Kotlin. He asked for help to release HavocOS sooner.

Anyone willing to help Anushek in HavocOS project can contact him on Telegram.

Telegram Post(22 March, 2022):

Hey everyone! Havoc-OS 5 will be based on Android 12.1. It should be stable and ready for most devices by the end of this month or next month depending upon my free time. My semester exams are coming up in the 1st week of April so I will get less time to work on the OS. If anyone is interested in joining this project as a junior developer, kindly text me on personal chat and mention your experience as a developer. Knowledge of Java and Kotlin is a necessary requirement.

Anushek Prasal(@SKULSHADY), HavocOS Announcements Telegram Channel

As of now, there’s no specific release date is announced by the developer. But, we are keeping an eye and will soon update you once its official release date is announced.

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