Amazon’s Android App Keep Listening You, How to Stop

Amazon’s Great Republic Day sale is live, so I was looking for products to order. I thought to try the integrated Alexa with Amazon app. I clicked the Alexa trigger in the app, and obviously, it asks for microphone permission. I gave the microphone permission to the Amazon app, and then I used it to search products on Amazon. After my work was done, I closed the Amazon app and started scrolling through my Twitter feed. Suddenly, I noticed the mic icon was blinking on my Realme 5 Pro, which indicates that some app is using your microphone in the background. I immediately thought of giving permission to the Amazon app. I opened amazon, and the icon stopped blinking as it is now using it in the foreground. I closed the Amazon app, and it started blinking again, which means Amazon is quietly listening to me in the background.

Now, how can you identify such activity and stop Amazon from tracking your activities by listening to you? In this article, I will be sharing the method to stop Amazon from listening to you.

Steps to Stop Amazon from listening to you:

  1. Open System Settings on your Android device
  2. Go to App Management
  3. Choose Amazon App
  4. Open Amazon App permissions
  5. Disable Mic Permission
  6. Stop being lazy, and Search Amazon by typing keywords.

How to identify such activity?

Some smartphone companies offer features that help you to identify such activity, like Realme added this mic detection icon in the notification bar. However, if your company does not provide such a feature, then you can use an app called AccessDots to detect camera and microphone activity on your device. It detects if any app is using your camera and mic in the background. You need to give accessibility to this app called AccessDots so that it can work properly. It is a very lightweight app available for Android devices.

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Elvira Jaimez

Elvira Jaimez

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