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DroidMaze is an android related blog where we write How-to tutorials, news and notify you about the upcoming updates in your smartphones. We also cover the tutorials and game updates of Android Games. We ensure to provide you the highest quality content related to android that make your Android experience and learning fun.

DroidMaze is founded by Abhishek Verma and now a part of Qdient Media Group. Qdient Media Group is a network of online publications.

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Editorial Team

Abhishek Verma

Abhishek Verma is a tech enthusiast and freelance tech journalist. He has been writing about technology for 4 years. He is passionate about every aspect of technology, especially Android. Abhishek’s articles have been referred by India Today, 360Gadgets, Times of India, MacRumours, AndroidPolice, AndroidAuthority, BGR, Zee News, and many more.

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Anaya Dasgupta

Anaya Dasgupta is a tech enthusiast and loves exploring the new technology. She has been writing about technology and specifically about Android since 2013. She specializes in writing about Social Media and Android Security news. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering.

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Jimmy Josefsson

Jimmy Josefsson writes about Android Game Reviews and News. He never misses a single update about the latest Gaming updates and News. He’s been writing about Android Games since 2015 in well-known publishers in Android Gaming niche. His love for Counter Strike is unimaginable.

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Elvira Jaimez

Elvira Jaimez writes about Android Leaks and News. She never misses a single leaks and bring you the latest news from the smartphone industry. She’s been writing about Android since 2014 and have a good understanding about smartphone industry. She worked as a columnist for well-known publishers in Android niche.

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